Tax Management

Managed Portfolio Advisors® (MPA) is a leading provider of tax management services offering a range of techniques and solutions for maximizing after-tax investment returns. MPA’s tax management process is applied to client portfolios that allocate to actively managed equity SMAs. MPA also offers Unified Managed Household solutions that seek to optimally locate assets based on the expected tax liability and the taxable status of the accounts held in the household, in an effort to maximize after-tax return. Through MPA’s affiliated division Active Index Advisors® (AIA), MPA can easily incorporate tax-managed, index-based separately managed accounts. Allocations to AIA’s indexed portfolios offer the potential benefits of increased tax control and lower fees, relative to actively managed portfolios.

At the heart of MPA’s tax management services is its proprietary tax loss harvesting system. The system facilitates systematic, risk controlled tax loss harvesting across equity SMA allocations in client accounts. Taxable accounts are generally tax loss harvested every 31 days in a risk controlled manner that keeps the investment on track, while seeking to maximize after-tax return.

MPA’s tax management programs employ a range of techniques including:
  • Short-term gain deferral
  • Tax sensitive transitions
  • Optimal tax lot selection across
  • Protecting against wash sale violations
  • Gain realization
  • Coordination with client’s tax plan
  • Tax loss harvesting
MPA maintains a large and growing data set of tax managed accounts which allows us to continuously analyze and refine our tax management techniques. The data helps us summarize and demonstrate the value of tax management. To learn more about MPA’s tax management techniques and results, please see our white paper entitled, “Quantifying the Benefits of Overlay Management.” 

For more information or to learn how we can help you design tax managed solutions, please Contact us.