Integrated Portfolio Implementation®


Integrated Portfolio Implementation

Customize, coordinate, and monitor multi-asset portfolios in real time – across separate accounts, mutual funds, and ETFs.

MPA's IPI program allows investors to combine separately managed accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, and other vehicles across a variety of asset classes into a customizable single account or portfolio within an open architecture environment. Built on a sophisticated investment platform with leading-edge technology, and overseen by an experienced team of investment professionals, the service delivers optimal execution and monitoring of investment portfolios. Centralizing the implementation of all investments in a single account, traded and monitored by one team acting in a fiduciary capacity, delivers many benefits to MPA’s clients.

MPA is an overlay asset manager focused on the optimal execution of investment portfolios. Providing overlay management and portfolio implementation services, MPA works with a range of wealth management firms, institutional clients, and asset managers to deliver practical solutions customized to their unique specifications. Harnessing a combination of sophisticated technology and investment experience, the MPA team coordinates, executes, monitors, and reports on portfolios in real time. The team manages a suite of proprietary overlay systems to provide tax-loss harvesting, managed distributions, unified managed household approaches and custom overlays aimed at optimizing the client experience. We call this investment discipline Integrated Portfolio Implementation®.

  • An Investment advisor focused entirely on the optimal execution of investment plans
  • Provides Customizable, open-architecture implementation and overlay solutions
  • Leverages modern technology and investment knowledge to provide client-driven strategies for institutional and high net-worth investors
  • A history of innovation driven by client needs
  • Operates in high risk-controlled environment
  • One investment team centrally coordinates, executes and monitors portfolio in real time
  • $51.8 billion (AUM) (as of 3/31/2021)*
  • Works with over 30 intermediaries
  • Works with over 85 investment managers
  • Implements over 150 investment strategies

What We Do


As an overlay manager, Managed Portfolio Advisors® (MPA) works with clients to design diversified investment programs and portfolios that meet the complex needs of institutional and high net worth investors. A representative client usually approaches MPA with the goal of improving investors’ experience and outcome. Clients select their investment managers and vehicles, define all parameters such as target allocations and tolerance ranges, and select any restrictions and overlays that may be applied. For most clients, this is defined in an investment policy statement (IPS) or similar document. Once defined, this becomes the model for executing the investment plan in one account. MPA coordinates with selected SMA managers to arrange for real-time replication of each manager’s investment strategy in the client account.

When an account is invested, MPA purchases the securities, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles per the allocations and investment models, while adhering to any restrictions. The portfolio then trades in real time as investment actions and allocation changes are communicated. Manager transitions are easily executed. Account allocations are monitored and automatically rebalanced when triggered. Cash management techniques may be applied to optimally distribute or invest cash. For taxable accounts, tax management techniques may be applied including MPA’s tax loss harvest overlay with an established track record of maximizing clients’ after-tax returns.

Clients & Solutions

Managed Portfolio Advisors® (MPA) works consultatively with a range of clients who leverage our knowledge and services to create solutions tailored to their unique goals and constraints. The result is a practical, cost-effective process for executing multi-manager portfolios that adhere to the guidelines of the client. Here are the types of clients we serve and the types of solutions developed to their specifications:

Institutional Investors
MPA’s serves a range of institutional client types and sizes, directly or through their consultant, advisor, or outsourced CIO. A representative client portfolio combines multiple SMA managers, mutual funds, and other vehicles in one account, centrally executed by MPA. This approach, in contrast to the traditional approach of hiring each SMA manager, individually, delivers increased control and transparency while simplifying reporting, administration and oversight. Learn more about MPA’s services for institutional investors.
Advisory Program Sponsors
MPA is a recognized and experienced leader in providing overlay services for Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) and multi-strategy SMA's. We collaborate with our advisory program sponsor clients to design full-featured, modern wealth management programs tailored to each sponsor’s unique goals and requirements. Many clients incorporate MPA’s tax loss harvesting overlay with an established proven track record of maximizing clients’ after-tax returns. MPA goes beyond the “model only” approach to provide pure and measurable results through real-time replication of SMA models. Learn how MPA can help your advisory programs optimally serve high net worth clients.
Family Office
MPA recognizes that each family office faces unique challenges. Our experience developing strategies across many industry segments ensures our family office clients are utilizing efficient solutions to fulfill plan goals. Because each family office is unique, we find a case study approach works well for identifying the goals and communicating proposed solutions. Contact us to initiate a consultation.
Registered Investment Advisors (RIA)
RIAs have typically lacked access to platforms that allow them to competitively and optimally service their largest clients. Custodial solutions and add-on software, combined with resource constraints, make it challenging to efficiently maximize after tax return for a wealthy client, or nimbly adhere to an institutional client’s IPS. MPA’s Integrated Portfolio Implementation® allows RIAs to optimally service their best clients while gaining efficiency. Our wealth management solutions include robust unified managed account capabilities, including a proactive tax loss harvesting process with a proven track record. Institutional clients also appreciate the efficiency of having their portfolio of SMA managers, mutual funds, and other vehicles implemented in one account that is easy to change. Clients could benefit from the advantages IPI has to offer.
MPA works with the consulting community to deliver IPI to a range of clients. Some consultants have begun to offer complete services in the form of outsourced CIO products and services, but often lack the systems and experience to do so efficiently. MPA manages portfolios for outsourced CIO arrangements that allow for the efficient delivery of customized OCIO services. Consultants sometimes deliver their research and views through retail products and programs, in partnership with RIAs and broker-dealers. MPA supports these efforts in multiple ways whether it is through packaged multi-manager products, or a full-featured unified managed account program. Contact us to learn how we can extend your reach.
Asset Managers
MPA currently works with over ninety asset managers who deliver more than 150 model portfolios for implementation in client portfolios. MPA is generally not responsible for manager selection. The managers chosen to participate in portfolios managed by MPA are selected by our client firms. When a manager is selected to participate in one our clients’ programs, the client will arrange contact so we can initiate the manager onboarding process.

For SMA managers widely distributed in advisory programs, MPA offers implementation services to managers whose portfolios we implement. MPA maintains extensive connectivity throughout the SMA industry. With retail SMA managers watching the majority of their business transitioning to model-only programs, many find it challenging to justify maintaining the infrastructure required to support traditional SMA business.

To learn more about opportunities to work with MPA, please visit our section for SMA model implementation service or Contact us to learn more.
MPA offers an open-architecture solution for optimally serving high net worth clients across bank platforms. With the ability to integrate into trust, broker-dealer, and third party platforms, MPA facilitates the seamless delivery of trust and wealth management services to banks’ most valued clients. Programs can be tailored by department or client type to allow for, or restrict, levels of customization. Contact us to learn how MPA can help you deliver a range of robust, but practical, wealth management solutions.

The Benefits of Integrated Portfolio Implementation®


  • Allows clients to build and efficiently deliver customized and differentiated solutions
  • A valuable partner in the investment process from development to execution
  • Addresses and minimizes fiduciary risks
  • Provides solutions not available in off-the-shelf systems
  • Minimal impact on overall fees
  • Transfers a great deal of trading and operational risks while preserving resources
  • Agility to adapt to changing needs and react to market trends
  • Additional risk management through increased transparency, reporting and oversight
  • Administrative and legal resource savings
  • One relationship to optimally serve all client types

IPI provides solutions for today’s complex investment challenges


Integrating and Trading Separately Managed Accounts

A key component of MPA’s services is our robust process for integrating SMA models into client portfolios. MPA trades more than 150 SMA portfolios with the goal of providing clients with the same experience they would get investing directly with the manager. To achieve this, MPA offers SMA managers a measure of flexibility in the way the portfolio is implemented and traded, as opposed to forcing the managers to conform to a standardized process that may not be conducive to their approach. Results are measured and monitored through formal processes to ensure we optimally implement each investment strategy. Adapting to the managers’ processes expands the available universe of managers and delivers clients accurate exposure to their selected managers.

MPA coordinates trading with SMA model providers by participating in the manager's trade rotation or allowing them to control the trade via a step-out process. This real-time, flexible approach to implementation delivers accurate replication of the SMA strategy, and ensures clients are treated fairly in the trading process.

Fixed-income SMA portfolio implementation requires a unique approach. MPA’s specialized fixed-income trade desk allows us to effectively implement portfolios through characteristics based models. Many fixed income portfolios, especially municipal bond portfolios, are not conducive to model implementation requiring each account to be customized. MPA facilitates non-model portfolios by taking a passive approach that allows the manager to execute the portfolio.

Contact us to learn more about why our trading process is important to our clients.

* Net asset value as of 3/31/2021. Assets under Administration (AUA) may include assets for which non-regulatory assets under management (AUM) services are provided. Non-regulatory AUM includes assets which do not fall within the SEC’s definition of ‘regulatory AUM’ in Form ADV, Part 1.