Institutional Services

MPA Integrated Portfolio Implementation® program is a customizable, open-architecture implementation strategy that allows plans to combine separately managed accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, and other vehicles across a variety of asset classes into a single account or portfolio. Built on a sophisticated investment platform with leading-edge technology, and overseen by an experienced team of investment professionals, the service facilitates the efficient execution and monitoring of investments. Centralizing the implementation of all investments in a single account that is traded and monitored by one team, acting in a fiduciary capacity, delivers several benefits and potential savings for MPA’s institutional clients.

Making an impact: benefiting from an effective implementation strategy
  • Coordinated management of multiple investment sleeves
  • Portfolio is managed and monitored in its entirety for Investment Policy Statement guideline compliance
  • Holistic view of entire portfolio facilitates better risk management
  • Daily monitoring of allocations and systematic rebalancing
  • Faster implementation of decisions
  • Socially Responsible Investing screens may be applied
  • Real time and coordinated implementation of underlying investment manager decisions
  • Rebalancing, allocation and manager changes all implemented by MPA in client’s single existing custodial account
  • Aids in cash flow management and simplifies reporting
  • Potential to reduce operational costs and improve client returns from coordinating portfolios
  • Acts as an intermediary between clients and Separately Managed Account (SMA) managers
  • Simplifies the contract and agreement process
  • MPA acts in a fiduciary capacity
  • MPA charges no additional costs for transition management