Factor Portfolios

Managed Portfolio Advisors® (MPA), in cooperation with its affiliated division Active Index Advisors® (AIA), manages a range of factor portfolios. From traditional index exposures to custom multi-factor portfolios, the team is equipped to work consultatively with clients to develop and manage custom factor portfolios. We employ proprietary and off-shelf systems to identify and implement the appropriate exposures for each mandate. The portfolio management team works directly with clients to tailor and adapt mandates to their unique goals and constraints.

MPA’s clients employ factor portfolios to achieve a variety of goals:
  • Lower expenses
  • Seek alpha
  • Manage risks
  • Strategic cash equitization
  • Efficiently execute tactical changes
  • Invest responsibly
MPA’s custom factor solutions may be executed as a single investment portfolio or incorporated into an Integrated Portfolio Implementation strategy. As factor investing has increased in popularity, investors are often interested to learn how their portfolio might benefit from the approach. Contact MPA to learn how we customize factor solutions to meet your goals.