Asset Managers


SMA Integration Overview

Over 90 asset managers deliver a total of more than 150 model portfolios to Managed Portfolio Advisors® for execution in client accounts. MPA is generally not involved in the selection process, as our clients assume responsibility for manager selection and oversight. Asset management firms selected by our clients’ research teams are introduced to MPA. The portfolio management team takes each manager through a comprehensive onboarding process. The team’s goal is to replicate each portfolio as closely as possible. To help achieve this, MPA facilitates multiple types of models and non-model portfolios, offers flexibility in trade communications, and measures and monitors results. Please see Integrating and Trading Separately Managed Accounts for more information on our trading process.


SMA Implementation Services

Managed Portfolio Advisors® offers asset managers a strategy for efficiently managing separately managed accounts (SMAs) across multiple platforms. Prior to the advent of model portfolio programs, asset managers interested in distributing retail SMAs were required to maintain expensive, risk laden systems to participate in these programs. This investment required significant scale that, for many, has been reduced, as managers have seen implementation move to more efficient model-only programs. Frequently, managers are left with a fragmented asset base across a range of non-model platforms requiring costly connectivity and ongoing maintenance. MPA offers asset managers a scalable strategy for managing these assets.

MPA’s SMA implementation services allow managers to leverage MPA’s scale, connectivity and expertise in managing SMAs across multiple sponsor and custodial platforms. Managers gain efficiencies while ensuring their clients are optimally served. For more information on MPA’s services, please contact us.