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Overlay Management

Managed Portfolio Advisors® (MPA) serves a range of wealth management and institutional clients by delivering customized investment solutions aimed at optimizing investment outcomes. Leveraging modern technology and proprietary tools, MPA coordinates, executes, monitors, and reports on portfolios in real time. Portfolios are constructed from the available universe of separately managed account strategies, mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment vehicles. This specialized investment discipline is often referred to as “overlay management.” We call our approach Integrated Portfolio Implementation® (IPI)
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Taxable Wealth Management

Managed Portfolio Advisors® (MPA) employs a range of techniques and specialized tools in an effort to maximize after-tax returns while maintaining intended investment exposures. Taxes are a significant drag on returns for taxable investors, historically eroding 1% - 2% of mutual fund investor returns each year. Proactively managing for taxes has the potential to improve after-tax performance and the investor experience. Learn more about MPA’s tax management techniques and results.
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Investment Solutions

The investment landscape has grown more complex, heightening the need for customized investment solutions. Providing optimal service to sophisticated investors requires the flexibility to tailor investment strategies at the client level. Managed Portfolio Advisors® (MPA) works with clients to develop and execute a range of investment solutions. From factor portfolios to customized multi-manager strategies, MPA is equipped to deliver custom investment solutions tailored to each clients’ unique goals and constraints.